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RDR Product Feedback and Bug Reports?

Please post your F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response (RDR) product feedback and improvement ideas here (by replying to this post) for product management team to review and other partners to comment as well.


For bug reports please use the official support reporting form by picking from the Product Details field "Corporate Service Products" and "Rapid Detection & Response (RDR)" solution. Please describe the problem in detail (i.e. steps how to reproduce it) with relevant attachments (screenshots, logs etc.) that could help F-Secure team to review of the issue.


  • AzianAzian Posts: 1

    Good day,

    When a broad context detection is triggered, an e-mail notification is sent to the configured e-mail addres inside the RDR platform.

    The information that we get is:


    Risk level



    Affected hosts


    Perhaps it can be helpful to include the Summary and/or Process Tree information from the broad context detection ?

    Or perhaps the idea to let the customer have control over what content is included in the e-mail notification would be better ?

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