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Hi, Can anyone help with these Browsing Protection questions?


1) How do I add a Default Deny setting?


2) How do I use wildcards within a domain (e.g. Allow every top level domain that starts with the letter "c"?


3) How do I negate an individual domain (e.g. Deny everything except ".com"?


4) Where can I perform faster/automated editing of Browser Protection domains, either in a text editor or registry editor?


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  • VadVad Posts: 1,050 F-Secure Employee
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    Hello Lark,


    I guess you have Client Security product. Answers for this product:


    1) - not supported. Deny rules have higher priority than allow rules.

    2) - not supported. Only sub-domain levels are supported. If you disallow, then will be blocked.

    3) - not supported

    4) - it is possible to import/export disallowed sites and trusted sites from/to CSV (right click on table content to get the context menu). So, you can export the current table content, fill/edit the CSV file in any convenient way, and then import it back.


    Best regards,



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