Sense and more advanced home networks

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Hello, first I would like to thank F-Secure for giving us licenses that do not expire for the foreseeable future. Now, if I could only use my sense device on my home network.


I have a Windows domain here at home. I have servers that run DHCP and DNS and have 3 domain controllers. I have found it absolutely impossible to use the Sense applicance on my network. I have actually unplugged it and it's sitting on my rack looking very pretty. But, just sitting there. 


Has anything changed that would allow me to use it on my network?




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    Well sense is not designed for work/domain environment, it is a home product for home users.

    Giving a option to disable dns and dhcp, would probably fix your issue but it might cause issues for regular users who accidentally mess with those settings.

    But it is there on the feature requests list, maybe some from f-secure can comment on this specific set of features on if they have any plans to implement them.

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