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DataGuard blocks trusted application running from the directory, C:\Program Files, or C:\Program Fil

Products affected: Client Security 13.10

Problem: By enabling restricted access in DataGuard to allow only trusted applications to modify the protected data, the trusted applications running from the directory, C:\Program Files, or C:\Program Files (x86), are unable to modify the data in the protected folders.

Visible effects: A notification with the message "Modification attempt blocked" is shown.

Workaround: Adding C:\PROGRA~2\ and C:\PROGRA~1\ to the trusted applications list via the Policy Manager Console at:
* F-Secure DeepGuard > Settings > Features > DataGuard > Restricted access > Trusted applications

ETA: Unconfirmed. We will update this page as new information becomes available.

Internal reference: CTS-100596

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