Installing Computer Protection is uninstalling my VPN client??

When installing Computer Protection, it's uninstalling my FortiClient VPN. I looked at events but couldn't find anything, maybe I'm looking at the wrong place.


Please advise...

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  • fedoolfedool Posts: 146 F-Secure Employee
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    FortiClient is marked as "VPN, Antimalware and Firewall" in our sidegrade database so we uninstall it to avoid conflicts between antimalware products.

    If you are sure it does not conflict - you can use "--skip-sidegrade " command line to ignore this conflict.

    For instance:

    installer.exe --skip-sidegrade "FortiClient"

    Note: name is the one which you can see in the dialog which shows conflicting products.


    this command will disable sidegrade completelly:

    installer.exe --skip-sidegrade "*"


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