Web Reporting: not protected

1. What does not protected means?

2. How can I show which hosts that are not protected?

3. Why the hosts number at Domain and hosts number in the chart (manual count) does not tally?





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  • A-GrinkevitchA-Grinkevitch Posts: 162 F-Secure Employee
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    Hello fsuhadi,
    “Not protected” means that no AV software is reported for some hosts. It is possible if you are using Policy Manager Proxy as it is registered in the PM domain tree as a separate host and does not report AV software.
    You can check Policy Manager Console Status tab (Standard view), Installed software page to identify hosts that do not report “AV version”.
    According to your screenshot, Domain tree for root account should contain 4523 hosts. Installed software summary at Web reporting page should match to the info at Policy Manager Console Installation tab.


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