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Hi, my Sense stopped to work a few days (displaying the logo -||- endless).

Factory reset, now display the ! sign ("Something happend", the good news !)


I have to put it out of my network and you know what. Freedome ! I can use all my device without the silly restrictions you put on. No way to go back with it.


It's too much, I bought it in  preorder, had to wait 18 month more for ... what ? How did you spend this time, not for making a user-centric device, it's sure.


No, i'st too much, I want my money back.


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    Hi F6,


    Please get in touch with our support team via chat or phone here as all refund requests are handled by our support team. We would not be able to handle refund requests via community posts as this needs support's attention.

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    Hi, sorry but your reply is a joke.

    In my native langage, the man at the other side of the phone :

    1) didn't know anything about this product (I think few have been selled, it don't shock me)

    2) but began to say "but it's not a warranty case"

    He send to me an email asking for the bill, finally. (and I have a case number)


    I don't think it will end well for me.



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    Well you have used the product for more than a year, so you might not get refund. For many products out there it would be out of the question, but don't know F-Secure's stand on this.

    Usually first you get at least one replace for the product before any refund.


    And yes the features aren't what many of us hope, but usually the full money back goes for month at most.

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    @FormerMemberI agree with you, but I wanted to test the reply of @Laksh .


    Of course, they deny any refind: one month for a retirn.

    But the product was'nt finished even one month after delivery ...


    FSecure is simply dishonest. I take care of this, that's all.


    It is my fault: I had confidence with the product being an OpenWRT fork (very powerful mananing sytem). And no informatiosn on the management système (a smartphone, haha !)
    At the delivery the product simply didn't work (with a "poor" 2M Internet access)
    I wrote this on this forum, and I helped the support to get ride of this.
    No one didn't say 'if you are not satisfied, you have to 07/15 to return it'

    Fsecure is an important partner for my company, I have choosen them many year ago (F Prot, do you know ?), we use it and we sell (well) it, and their behaviour with Sense is exactly the same than with the 6.x and/or 7.x (don't exactly remenber) versions of Client Security: "We are the best, your advice don't count". But the products "eated" all the resources, I had to swap for my device on Nod32 (!!).
    And after that recognizing that they were too pretentious.

    One sample: the roadmap they can't give for .. what reason ?


    For my perosnnal use: Fsecure product no more (I have free licenses...), I have no more confidence.

    I  will check this at the next meeting with their sellers for my company, maybe a border effect.

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    Yeps, i feel you. I'm fsecure certified professional too. I have talked about sense issues with our fsecure contacts also.

    But yeps I'll decide what i do when my subscription ends at q3/q4 this year due product replacements.

    I hope they can make the stuff everyone wants by then, but summer holiday season starts in finland in one month or it has already started, but usually most are on holiday after juhannus.

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    Hi, got the response from support.


    - no answers to my questions

    - no refund (of course !)

    - but they can change the device


    I hoped a roadmap: nope


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    Well with new device you get 1 year free subscription, and a new device. Not sure if renewed warranty too.

    All which is more than fair in my honest opinion after using a device for one year already.

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