SAFE upgrade to SENSE


My SAFE for 5 devices is up to renewal, and I would like to upgrade to SENSE.

But it is apparently impossible, no upgrade route available; strange, as FS has unsually a more commercial /user friendly approach.

On top of it, this wil not help the SENSE product to increase market share.

Feedback, please.

Cheers, Jerome


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    Sorry for my reply.


    I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    But just interesting -> what kind of Upgrade is suitable there?

    For example, F-Secure SENSE, in general, hardware-based solution where SENSE applications (like SAFE) are pinned to Router's subscription with practically 'unlimited' count of devices (for Windows: up to 25 devices). Does there any abilities for upgrade in some forms? Or it is about potential mail-address/account?



  • jfidelin
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    A business-commercial upgrade. When you renew your SAFE, you get a discount vs a new one... 

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    Thanks for your response!

    Pretty logical (but not all of SAFE subscriptions with such situation; under Community was multiple topics where renewal price is 'normal' price and not reduced compared to 'fresh' subscription).


    So, 'SAFE upgrade to SENSE" is kind of discount for current SAFE customers (as replace event from 'further renewal SAFE' to 'SENSE router and its own subscription').

    I think that it is good feature request (in general). There is SENSE Community board: - where related concern is discussed too.



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