Integrate F-Secure with AD ?



Can I integrate my F-Secure with AD ? 


If I delete a computer in my AD, I want it to be removed from my F-Secure. Now I need to manually remove it from F-Secure. 


Any idea ?

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  • Ante81
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    Pls, yes or no ?

  • MJ-perComp
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    Yes and No

    The system does not get removed "only" because you removed it from AD, as this might be a temporary situation and you might want to re-add the system, in which case you would loose all settings and history of that host.


    You can set the auto delete fetaure, which will remove hosts that have no longer connected to the system for a selectable period of time.


    So in the end : YES, but not immidiately for good reason.

  • Ante81
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    Thx! Where do I set this settings, auto delete ?
  • Ante81
    Ante81 Posts: 5

    Yes that was rude and childish. You need to work with your attitude.

    But thanks for the link.

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