How long should updateing fscspr take?

Just fired  up a preinstalled laptop for a new user. It has been offline for a one month.

Cant access anything, since FS is updating... Been like this for 25mins now.




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    Also, the error messages misleadingly say, that I need to enable real-time scanning; which is enabled.

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    Answering to myself. It's about 30mins with brand new Lenovo T470 i5/ssd/16gb, and after that infinite amount of time, until user reboots his/her computer.

    F-secure, pretty please with sugar on top.

    Why do you give end user faulty error message?

    Why dont you ask to reboot the computer, when/if it's required?


    It might be just me, but for the past two versions, your software is getting crappier and crappier, and I have to spend too much trying to resolve what's wrong. I'm starting to regret that I bought a two year subscription. 

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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    I think that there should not be too much large delay. But, maybe, certain time is based on machine configuration.

    Also, I think that potential overload and, for example, monthly Windows updates do able to increase updating and system impact.



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    Can't really download windows updates, while FS is blocking all the connections....

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    @hyvokar wrote:

    Can't really download windows updates, while FS is blocking all the connections....

    Sounds as strange situation. Maybe it is possible to create fsdiag and transfer it to their Support.


    I think that there should not be such situation when F-Secure installation is blocking all the connections.

    But I'm not sure how it is designed with Business solutions (while some core-parts are with one view).
    My Home installation with 'restricted' bandwidth use for network (for example) and I did not feel network impact (but drive/CPU usage maybe).


    But there are potential impact with update/install databases after a delay with such process.

    For example, there was discussion about Home solution and somewhat related background:



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