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I'm comming back to you because I'm a few perplex, I'm going to explain you why. This morning I was making last test before starting the deployment of the f-secure solution, but, my very last test was, the EICAR test, and there, as I've anderstant that the on acces analysys of a USB media cannot be activated, as the report of EICAR coul not be like the one is under!



Rapport d'analyse mercredi 4 avril 2018 10:51:31 - 10:51:31

Nom de l'ordinateur : SRV-F-SECURE
Type d'analyse : Analyse de la cible
Cible : C:\Users\Administrateur\Desktop\test\eicar.zip




Aucun programme malveillant détecté



Analysés :

Fichiers: 1

Non analysés : 0


Virus: 0

Spyware: 0

Éléments suspects: 0

Programme à risque: 0


Désinfecté: 0

Renommé: 0

Effacé: 0

Mis en quarantaine: 0

Échec: 0

Secteurs d'amorçage :

Analysés : 0

Infecté: 0

Éléments suspects: 0

Désinfecté: 0



Version des définitions :

Virus: 2018-04-02_08

Spyware: 2018-04-02_08

Moteurs d'analyse :

F-Secure Aquarius: 11.00.01, 2018-04-02

F-Secure Hydra: 5.19.17, 2018-03-30

F-Secure Online: 16.26.10, 0-00-00

F-Secure Gemini: 3.02.414, 2018-03-29

Options d'analyse :

Analyser tous les fichiers

Analyser le contenu des archives


Virus: Mettre en quarantaine et supprimer

Spyware: Mettre en quarantaine et supprimer

I could accept that if a file was not be analysed, but all file seems to be scanned!!!


What do you think of that report!


Great thank to all of you




From France



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  • VadVad Posts: 1,050 F-Secure Employee
    Accepted Answer

    Hello Phil,


    Sorry for the delay.

    The on demand scan report you got is by design in CS 13.10 for 2 cases:

    1. Scan inside compressed files is disabled in manual scanning options;

    2. Eicar.zip archive is encrypted. For this case we already have an action point to add scan error in the report. This will be fixed in the next Client Security release.


    Best regards,


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