Hello, I have installed Key, but it will not autofill. I oped the login page, press Ctrl and F2, click on the entry for that page but nothing happens. Can anyone help?



  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Just like to receive more information about your certain situation:


    -> there is next topic with potential autofill-trouble and latest (?! currently) F-Secure KEY build:


    Does it related with your trouble? For example, does your experience indeed is about fresh KEY installation (first time)?

    Potential workaround was to 'reinstall' F-Secure KEY and KEY extension for browser. But based on noted topic - it is not work for all of users.


    Also, good to know what is your OS build and browser. For example, does it Windows 10/Windows 7 and Google Chrome/Firefox? Maybe if website is not critical information -- good to provide URL where is trouble with autofill (like if "").



  • Janet2
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    I have now heard from a technical support engineer to tell me there is a problem with autofill and they are woking on it. I am new to F-Secure and must say that I am not impressed. I will give it a few days and if nothing happens I will go back to Bitdefender.


  • Janet2
    Janet2 Posts: 6

    One week later and still nothing. I have ditched Key and now use Lastpass.


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