When is my subscription expiring? Also autofill is broken

This is a bug that has been in my F-Secure Key in Windows 10 from the beginning.

When I check the subscription / tilaus there is a funny number as year.


I assume it is 2018 but still, very odd number.


Unfortunately the last update broke the autofill feature both in Win 10 -  Chrome and Firefox.  No luck even after complete re-install. What a pity, the most important feature of this program is broken....


Using the latest versions of both browsers and F-Secure Key version is 4.8.110



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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their Home Solutions).


    Just as my own unofficial feelings:


    -> your first point is discussed under F-Secure Community KEY board probably.

    But I'm not sure about potential suggestions or explanations (except potential 'broken sync time between system and F-Secure KEY design' or even 'sync' with certain device; OR purchase with unexpected ?! for installation place/formatting. For example, if certain device where purchase is created will add certain data with certain formatting - while another device does not support it).

    I think that it is possible to try find potential discussions about - maybe it was with good advices or explanations. With my own experience - I did not meet such situation.

    Also, it is an option to contact direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat as example):

    -> your second point is (probably) discussed with next topic:

    With my own experience (even I'm not sure how autofill was designed before) and Firefox browser -> sounds that autofill still working. At least, I tried to do clean installation of F-Secure KEY and further steps for addon-installation. Maybe autofill was with another design before -> but if there is an entry with certain "URL" -> KEY logo is visible under forms and it will autofill credentials after choosing it.

    Maybe previously was completely autofilling? Where manual steps - not needed?



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