OU gets automatically deleted after console log off in FSPM 12.31


We are managing clients through FSPM 12.31. we created a OU for selected clients for special priveleges, but this OU gets deleted automatically once console is logged off. This type of problem is arising with us for the first time. please provide the solution.


  • A-Grinkevitch
    A-Grinkevitch Posts: 171 F-Secure Employee

    Hi ravi12,

    Sorry for late reply. I’m not sure if I fully understand what does ‘OU’ mean in your post. If you are talking about Organizational Units in Active Directory, Policy Manager does not make any changes there, the only thing PM does, it reads the AD structure via LDAP protocol.

    I’d suggest to add more details and provide fsdiag to F-Secure Support.




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