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I would like to suggest a small but useful feature.

To have ctrl/cmd+f keyboard shortcut to set focus into the search field.





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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    If your suggestion is about F-Secure KEY UI (and, for example, Windows platform) and its search field for entries:


    Should be possible to use "Tab" as 'focus into the search field' and further use of "Tab" with some search-queries should 'focus/mark search query for brief remove it'.


    Does it work with your situation? Or does your experience is about something else?

    At least, it was previously with some of systems and I tried to re-check with Windows 10 for current build.



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    Thanks for your reply and sorry for my delay.


    Yes, it's possible to navigate to the serch field by tabbing. In practice it's however far away from convenient solution because the amount of tabs needed is variable. Sometimes I get there with 3 tab strokes, the another time I need to press tabs more than a dozen times. If I accidentally press one time too much, I have to start over.


    Considering the fact that it's very common to trigger search with ctrl/cmd+f key combination in pretty much every program where you can search something, wouldn't it make sense to implement it to KEY as well?



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