Reinstall key when other devices are not available


I would like to reinstall KEY. I have have installed key on a new computer. If i start KEY, I can only choose from: create a new master password or connect via other devices. I currently have no devices with key installed on it. How can I activate KEY with my master password?




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    Sorry for my reply. I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    It is a little be unclear. Did you mean that your previous F-Secure KEY installation is uninstalled? And not possible to use F-Secure KEY with previous computer.

    Or one device with still active KEY?

    And then you want to 'back' your passwords with your fresh KEY installation?


    I do able to think about next suggestions:


    -> Before reinstall F-Secure KEY (and if your previous computer with installed F-Secure KEY and you want to /re/install it to fresh computer or with current computer):

    To do "Export" your entries:

    then install F-Secure KEY and do 'import':

    -> OR and if your experience is about uninstalled F-Secure KEY - but you are still with access to device with previously installed KEY.

    Should be possible to locate localstorage-file:

    then should be possible to re-use it with another device.


    BUT if your experience is about 'broken' previous device; and not possible to use noted workarounds - sounds that there is stuck.

    Only possible to create fresh master password (can be your previous one) and re-add all entries manually.


    For avoid such situations (potentially) - F-Secure KEY with abilities to sync data between devices automatically. As Premium-feature. But I do able to think that even with Premium KEY - backup of entries is needed.


    Sorry for my reply. Do you able to explain more about your setting and situation? Maybe my suggestions was about something else rather than your certain background.




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    Hi Ukko,


    Thanks for your message. In this situation:


    • I have done an uninstall of KEY, because it was not working any more (it is still not workiong).
    • During installation, the installation assumes that I use KEY on more connected devices.
    • Now I have second device a iPhone and i could finish the installation.
    • It is possible that there can arise a situation that i do not have connected devices anymore (broken or stolen)
    • Then an installation must be done on a new device.
    • At this time, no connected devices are available.
    • How can i install KEY without connected devices
    • I am very happy that it is not the case at this moment, but what can occur in the future
    • Hence my question.

    Hopefully it is clear what i meant to say

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    So, maybe F-Secure KEY team should to think about potential workarounds.

    Currently, with my understanding (I'm also only F-Secure user) there is next design:

    ---- during installation two options:

    -- install as fresh KEY 'installation' with fresh entries/ID;

    -- connect KEY with another device (premium-feature) to sync your devices and entries/passwords/ID;


    Masterpassphrase is not pinned to your passwords/accounts (globally). It used only locally for encrypt/decrypt your entries (under your account/ID/installation/localstorage file).


    With first option: it is completely fresh installation. And 'retrieve/back' your passwords is possible only by previous "Export"-backup; Or by 'copied' (backup) for .localstorage-file from your previous installation; and replace fresh file to previous.

    With first /workaround/ possible to create any master-passphrase (possible to re-use your previous one). And then 'Import'-entries;

    With second /workaround/ - after replacement 'fresh' localstorage-file to your previous localstorage-file will be situation that F-Secure KEY installation is practically your previous one (if steps are done with carefulness). "previous" masterpassphrase, "previous" entries, "previous" ID and purchase/sync information.


    With second option: connected device is needed. If user with active Premium-subscription. And devices - synced. But then any of them - not available; There is stuck. Based on topics under this Community - F-Secure Support do not able to sort it. Even it is a little be strange (based on topics where available description for sync-process). But is not strange if there is another design; with my feelings I thought that data is not stored. And only 'stored' during sync/transfer data during sync. And stored only 'hash' or 'timestamp' of localstorage file - then if there is changes for such hash/timestamp -> triggered sync-process directly between active devices; and if so - indeed is not possible to 'sort' situation).

    Also, it is good always to backup your localstorage/entries by "Export" functionality (or some other steps). And store it offline.

    In general, there should not be troubles with 'install KEY' (even if connected devices are not used).

    Trouble is only when user want to retrieve/back all previously added passwords with previous installation. But when we talk not about "premium" KEY -> it is not an expected design.

    Because expected view for not premium KEY is:

    -- to install F-Secure KEY as fresh installation (to create fresh masterpassphrase - any);

    -- if previously exported entries - available -> do import them;

    if not available -> manually 're-add' all passwords/entries which you want to store. Just like as 'start from first'


    Some knowledgebase articles about F-Secure KEY.[email protected]


    Sorry for my long reply! And worst English! I tried to create some suggestions (because maybe I do able to understand your concern), but probably my explanation is not clear.

    Good if some other more experienced KEY users will suggest something; Or will be attention from F-Secure Staff.



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