Updating Key force reboots computer without any warning

I am using Key Premium on Windows 10 (1703).
Today when I unlocked Key  it asked me to install new update.

I agreed to install the update. After few minutes the update force rebooted my computer without any warning.

After the update version of Key is 4.8.110.
The update didn't log any errors to Event viewer.



  • Ukko
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    With my own experience (but not about direct upgrade - but as try to clean install and 'repair' existed installation) - F-Secure KEY with fresh build do ask for restart (or more good to say - created notification that restart will be needed with certain situation).

    As potential restart for their services (or re-run certain services). Does it with impact with your experience (unexpected impact)?



  • Comadrin
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    Asking for restart would have been no problem. When I started the update I expected that it might require rebooting before getting applied.


    But since my computer got restarted without any warning I lost some unsaved text in documents I had open at the time. Not mention mention time wasted because of sudden reboot and setting things back to way they were before the reboot.



  • Ukko
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    Just because I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions) - I created such reply with next topic:


    Maybe some official respones will be under your topic too.


    Just like potential feelings - does it possible that it was random situation and restart is not pinned to F-Secure KEY Upgrade? But, for example, system updates or something else.

    I think that if autoupdating (?) with such unexpected restart ('no ask' or 'notification about') - it is should not be 'as designed'.



  • Comadrin
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    I looked deeper into logs and found for certain that Key caused the reboot.


    In Event viewer:

    "Windows Installer required system reboot.

    Product name: F-Secure KEY.

    Product version: 4.8.110.


    System reboot type : 1.

    Cause of reboot: 1."


    After that I see other F-secure services getting restarted. (I have F-secures Internet Security installed also.) Then logs end as logging service gets stopped for reboot.


    There were no errors in the log but I found one warning related to Key:

    "Application C:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\F-Secure KEY\fskey.exe (PID 9116) cannot be restarted - Application SID does not match Conductor SID."

  • gvoima
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    Win 7 Professional + all the latest updates.


    I got exactly the same reboot without warnings. Lost some important work, so please do some unit testing before applying such updates.

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