F-Secure Sensei + Sagemcom F-3686AC (eurodocsis 3.0)

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Tried setup with wan port, cant get IT working, tried setup with wifi pairing all went Eine but it forces update and The update fails so cant use it, is it possible get refund ? I got subscription till september, trying to set up it with android (Xiaomi Mi More 3) The features seems lacking and would love web panel


  • If you have cable modem and cable internet, you need to plug sense just to some of the LAN ports like you would a pc.

    If you can put your cable modem to bridge mode or one port to bridge mode then that is better option since then you won't have double nat.

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    The problem is If i plug IT on LAN poet i get like 192.168.71 subnet and The app refuses to work since its on diffrent subnet 

  • Do it like this:

    Plug sense to lan port of thr cable modem.

    Factory reset sense.

    Let it be for 1 hour un touched.

    Delete sense app from your phone and reinstall it.

    Then disconnected your phone from current wifi and Bluetooth connections.

    Then start the sense pairing process with your phone.

    After successful setup, connect your devices only to sense's lan ports and wlan.

    You can disable wlan from the cable modem at this point.

    Now you can change the sense subnet and other settings, just don't set the sense subnet the same as your cable modem.

    If you for some reason want to use the subnet that is currently on your cable modem, then change the cable modem's subnet to something different and then change sense's subnet to the desired one.


  • And also the app only works when you are connected to the Sense's wlan! If that was the only issue.

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    Cant get it working, seems like My device in somekind Infinity loop reset Dont work 

  • Then contact F-Secure directly via support phone or chat.

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