Connected device reported as « not connected »

As of 9th of March 12:45, all connected devices (except the one running the Sense app) appeared as « not connected » since 6th of March 15:41...

How can it be explained and solved (without resetting everything) as it is a very high security concern?


Accepted Answer

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    Accepted Answer

    Reboot the sense by unplugging it from power source.

    Then reboot the problematic device.

    Clear the sense apps cache.

    Reboot the phone.

    See if the issue still persist.



  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi FDU,


    Can we know what is the OS and the OS version of the device used? Also, what is the version of the Admin app used?


  • FDU
    FDU Posts: 57

    Rebooting Sense was finally enough and it was with iOS 11.3.

  • Jhoufek
    Jhoufek Posts: 10

    Well, the solution works, but in a week or so, it does the same thing. Is there a permanent fix ?

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