Policy Manager - how to delete old alerts from database

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In policy manager we have more than 124.000 alerts – oldest are from year 2012. How can I delete old alerts? Manually is out of question! I know that I can hide them, but when policy manager generate scheduled report, I get all the infections...





  • etomcat
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    Dear Dusan,


    Please specify exactly which versions do you use and on which OS?


    Database maintenance has been a built-in feature in recent editions of F-Secure Policy Manager Console and Server.


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • dussan
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    Thanks, I try that before but it delete only one row. It looks that "problem" was that i click into grid... Anyway, I deleted old alarms...

  • dussan
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    Policy Manager 3.10 on Windows Server  2012R2

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    great, dont forget to do the recovery.
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