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Hi support team !

i'm trying to use Push installtion feature to install F-Secure on client, but we meet one issue that on PM, we can't browse IP of client, display "Unable to connect" so we can't access client and move to next step to remove install


We have check to telnet from PM server to Client (PC), the telnet is ok for both 3 ports 80, 443, 8080. theoretically we just need telnet thought 3 ports is ok then we can remove install via "Push Installation"


pls help us in this case, what we need to do to solve this problem and remote install

Thank you very much !

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    port 80,8080 and 443 are not enough for push installation. F-Secure uses the classic windows functions for push installations. So RPC have to be allowed and connecting to the IPC$ share on the pc  ... the windows firewall on the client may block the installation



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    Beside we have copied the installation file has been exported from PM, then install on one PC manually,  after the installation completed, the client has connected to PM server nomally. it's mean the connection between client and PM is ok, but why we can't use Push Installation to do the install?


    Pls help me to check it,

    thank you !

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