The fact that the USB port on the F-sense router has no functional use at present should be made known to all purchase interested customers BEFORE they buy the router. As a result of not disclosing this, I can not use my USB printer as a network printer using this USB port. I hope the future updates will activate this port for proper use otherwise the port will be as useful as "**bleep** on a bull".


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    Thank you very much for your response. Although my printer is USB only, I was able to connect it directly into one of my network computers as a network printer. The router is great and I am quite satisfied with its functionality without its USB connectivity at this time. Will the USB be available in the future? If so, will it be a hardware upgrade of firmware? Thanks again.


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    Hi Blackhawk247,


    Yes, indeed, the USB port currently is just a USB power source.

    We apologize for not making this clear upfront. We’ll fix the SENSE webpages shortly.

    If your printer would have Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity too then you can connect your printer to SENSE via either of them.

    If your printer only supports USB and the lack of USB support in SENSE makes it unusable for you then we are very sorry for this.


    The only option in the short term is to use the money back guarantee.

    Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

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