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In the FAQ for PSB that can be found in the partner portal it says:


"How to create a demo account to show the solution to end customers?

PSB evaluation keys (30 days subscription) are available from your local F-Secure product pages."


Where do I find those product pages. The only thing I see is on are  free trial buttons which require to register and it takes one day before you receive the key. Any alternatives?


Second question, when they install a trail does it connect to a portal or is it an stand alone installation? How does that work?


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    1) The trial-key is generated manually, that is why it takes a day (often faster, esp when done i n the morning). If you request this key through a local F-Secure reseller he is able to generate such keys much faster.


    2) The generated key is a normal key with 30 days expiry. You have full access to the portal and you can manage the systems. After these 30 days simply quote the key in your order and it will be renewed  without youu needing to reinstall or redo your configuration work.



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    Thank you for your answer.


    Just one thing, I am a reseller so I am asking how to obtain the trial keys for my prospects.

  • MJ-perComp
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    Please contact your F-Secure channel manager

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