Computer Protection Migration



  • SergeH
    SergeH Posts: 33 F-Secure Product Manager

    Dear Tamas,


    Thank for your feedback. As you indicated, we have communicated to the partners but not the enduser sysadmin.

    The reason is that many of our partners do want to be the only one communicating with the end-customer directly. We also have partners that are more or less acting as a sysadmin for the companies, investigate and resolve most issues on their behalf. 

    That is why we leave the responsibility of communicating to the end-customer sysdamins to our partners. 


    I hope that this is acceptable for you.


    Kind regards,


  • etomcat
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    Dear Serge,


    I would like to ask what F-Secure Corp. eventually decided to do about the recent PSB channel upgrade mishap? Will you be able to remedy it centrally or the responsibility rests with the customer?


    Thanks in advance, Yours Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • SergeH
    SergeH Posts: 33 F-Secure Product Manager

    Dear Tamas,

    We are actively helping our customers through our support channels.
    To transition to F-Secure Computer Protection after the end of life of PSB Workstation Security (31st of March 2019), our customers have to anyway review their migrated profiles and Firewall status. They have have to do it now in any cases as channel upgrades can only be scheduled for the next three weeks.
    We have centrally migrated the profiles, but we cannot centrally resolve potential conflicts or activate a firewall disabled by GPO.

    We are reminding our customers through a pop up to "check firewall settings after Computer Protection migration".

    We have also provided instructions about:
    - How to check the firewall status in F-Secure Computer Protection?
    - How to handle conflicts in the migration from Workstation Profile to Computer Protection Profiles?