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like the tittle says, can someone explain me how to create a new policy domain with default settings, something like unerited one!? root level should be great! :)


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ps: I'm french, don't care of my english!

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    this is not possible.

    nut 100% sure, but I think you want to create a complete new domaintree for your existing environment.


    This is what you should do:
    1) setup a complete new Policy Manager Installation either on a new Server or on your workstation(!)

    2) create your domaintree as planned

    3) create autoimport rules to each subdomain

    4) export the Admin-Keys from your old server and import them to the new one.

    5) make your changes to each subdomain as planned. Avoid any exclusions or any other change that lowers security (F-Secure has tuned the settings very well).

    6) check and lock settings you do not want the user to change.

    7) make sure to only edit the communication settings on root level, nothing else! The settings should point to the IP-address or DNS of the old server.


    8) stop the both Servers (old and new) "net stop fsms", backup& rename the data-folder, copy your new datafolder from your workstation to the old server and restart the service "net start fsms"


    Distribute Policies.




    If you have two servers: steps 1-6 as above, but instead edit the communication settings on both servers to point to the new server.

    Distribute Policies.


    Now all systems should register to the new database, get moved to the right subdomain and receive a new valid policy.


  • Hi, great  thanks, exact for Reasons I answer community, I’m taking skill with policy manager. I think it’s a function that could be used by lots of us, and surely easy to implement.

    There us another reason for my question, l ve to write a implementation document, to do it I must start from scratch to know what si default settings, and what need to be customise.

    great thanks for that cool answer.


    best regard





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