Multiple F-Secure Key instances on the same computer

I should have been more precise when writing my original question


so I write this again with more details.


My wife and I have a shared Windows 10 (home) computer. We both have separate Windows accounts that we use. I am currently using F-secure Key and my wife would like to start to use F-Secure Key as well.


The question is that can F-Secure Key be installed into the computer so that:

  • We both have separate instances of F-Secure Key that we manage individually (and of course we have separate Key licenses as well).
  • My wife can see only her instance of F-Secure Key and she can sync only her passwords to her devices. In the same way I can see only my instance of F-Secure Key and I can sync only my passwords to my devices.
  • I don't have access to my wife's passwords and she don't have access to mine.

If that is possible how should the installation be done? At the moment, my Key is installed into "C:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\F-Secure KEY" directory (I think that was the default option). I guess it should be removed and installed under "C:\Users\[my_directory]" directory. And the my wife's instanced would be installed under "C:\Users\[my_wifes_directory]". Is that all that needs to be done or is there something else to consider or setup? Or is it so that this type of two user scenario is not supported?


If the two user scenario is not supported are the any plans to support it? At least for consumer users it is quite common to share a computer with other family members and this type of setup would be very useful.


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    I think that next topic:

    is about your situation.


    What about your potential setting with custom installation folder (so, I'm not sure how it will be -> but sounds that potentially it should work) -> I think that it is not necessary.

    At least, possible to try next view (as first try):

    -> F-Secure KEY is installed into "C:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\F-Secure KEY" (for all users).

    -> Both user accounts with own KEY database (localstorage) - stored under "C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Local\F-Secure" by default.


    When you did first run for F-Secure KEY under your user-account -> it will trigger creating your database (Master-Passphrase; Entries/Passwords; Licence and so on). And stored there.


    Then -> under another user-account -> first run F-Secure KEY will trigger creating database for this current user-account. With own Master-Passphrase; Entries/Passwords; (most likely) Licence and so on. And stored there.


    So, in fact, should be possible to use this 'enough' view. It will be useful with meanings that -> freshly created user-account will be with abilities to use KEY too. And it is not required to install KEY twice.


    Maybe -> it should be possible to try and re-check does it with such view or not. Before KEY Premium functionality (for example).




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