Impossible to affect a custom profile in my LAN



If I make a custom profil, for example in creating a new profile based on Laptop's one, I can affect it to any computers of my IT infrastructure!


Each of the computers is noted as "Computer Protection". If I check some and try to change its profile, I just can select between F-Secure Laptop and F-Secure Office. Why ?


If I add a external computer (from WAN), it's mark as Worstation and, here, I can select between all profiles I made.



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  • PetriKuikkaPetriKuikka Posts: 205 F-Secure Employee
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    it sounds to me that some of you installations are done with PSB Workstation Security 12.01 version and some with new Computer Protection versions (18.x). And you only have created customer profiles for one of these products.


    Can you see if the product version for the differently behaving clients is?




  • Yes, it was that, but I couldn't create profiles for Computer Protection. F-Secure support has correct my account to do so.


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