PSB Computer Protection blocking Cyberquery reports

We ran into a tricky problem. We have a Win10 machine where F-Secure PSB Computer Protection 12.01  is installed. On this client the user has issues running a couple of reports in CyberQuery. These queries are more complex than most other reports created on eCQ. These are using an eCQ version of macro and we found out that F-Secure is blocking this type of code from running. When we kill F-Secure with 'net stop' command, the reports gets completed. So is there any way to configure the PSB to allow this type of legitimate activity to run without killing /uninstalling F-Secure? Thanks for your help! 

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  • fedoolfedool Posts: 152 F-Secure Employee

    Do you know which F-Secure component blocks this activity? Is it DeepGuard or Web traffic scanning etc?

    Then you could add exclusions for this component to allow your application.

  • Hi Fedool and thanks for your reply. No, at this point I have no idea which component is blocking it. Maybe I just need to disable these components one by one and to find out which one of them is making reports life difficult. 

  • fedoolfedool Posts: 152 F-Secure Employee

    Yes, that sounds like a good idea.

    After you figure out which component affects it - add exclusions for this component and it should help.

  • TercelTercel Posts: 8

    Thanks for previous replies! Seems like I've forgot to come back and report the results. I found out, that it was a firewall setting 'Advanced network protection' which prevented CyberQuery to run. Turned off this feature on the target machine and the report was ran without problems. I think this problem can be 'fixed' with a profile, where this feature is turned off, and assing it to the machines running CyberQuery. Or do you see, that turning this feature off could cause a high risk or something like that? 

  • TercelTercel Posts: 8
    Ok, found the setting. I believe this will bring the help. Thank you fedool!
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