Canceling after nothing but issues

TrekkieMike Posts: 4 New Member

SENSE yes its been got but these issues are really annoying me, im sick of the stress.



can not view anything connected to my network in windows.  (works when protection turned off).

wwe being blocked on samsung tv (works when protection turned off).

puchase buttons not working on websites (works when protection turned off).


when paying bills it causeing payments to not go through with the website, meaning money taken from bank but not registered on website.  (works fine when protection turned off).


also i have subs withe freedom & safe what is the point? also what happens if my phone breaks i can not then access the sense??? why isnt there 1 total package that i can access the sense from windows.


any chance i can get a refund on whats left on my first year with sense


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