Freedome for Business profile deployment fails on iOS devices

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Products affected:

Freedome for Business






Profile deployment fails on iOS devices if the device is protected by Touch ID or passcode. Apple prevents Mobile Device Management to execute functional restrictions policy task if the device is locked.


Visible effects:

  • Profile deployment status shown as Failed
  • General status shown as Managed
  • Freedome client looses business license and reverts to trial mode (on some devices)


Problem cause:

Timeout/retry schedule associated with the current profiles will make the assignment fail permanently if the device is not opened in 2 hours.


Timing configuration is now changed so that the assignment will complete if the device is opened in 24 hours. The new configuration is applicable to new profiles only.


How to fix affected devices:

Create a new profile with same settings and assign to the affected devices. The profile will be applied to the device next time when the device is opened provided that this happens within 24 hours. This should fix the status and install the missing policy parts to the device.


Note! If the device is switched off when the profile is applied, the assignment will fail again in 30 minutes. If this happens, reassign the profile when the device is switched on.


Alternative workaround:

If it is not possible to create a new profile, you can reassign the existing profile from the PSB Portal and ensure that the target device is unlocked or not protected with Touch ID or passcode by the time of operation.


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