How to disable F-Secure CS for one client only by PM

Hi F-Secure team !

i have 2 issues would like to check with you, pls help me to feedback.


1. How can i disable F-Secure Client secuirty for one client? which feature on PM can do this.

Because sometime we don't want to run F-Secure in this PC and need to disable all F-Secure feature on it.


2. About anti spam feature.

could we set 1 or 2 "whitelist" email address, so these email will never been scan or block by F-Secure?  because we have some work need to test sending email like spam to ourselve, so need have some whitelist email account to do it.


thank you !

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    Hello Arsjupiter,


    1. In PMC on Settings tab (Advanced view) you can allow user to unload products in F-Secure Management Agent > User interface. With this setting switched to "Allowed always" local user will have a possibility to fully unload product from F-Secure tray icon menu.

    Alternatively, you can disable main enable/disable policy in all relevant modules for a single machine you want.


    2. Anti spam feature is not present in Client Security. Speaking about email scanning for versions 12.x (it's not present in version 13.x of CS), it is not possible to exclude some email addresses from scanning. You can only disable it completely.


    Best regards,


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