an error occurred while scanning \DEVICE\HARDDISKVOLUME2

From the event log, I found many messages " an error occurred while scanning \DEVICE\HARDDISKVOLUME2 .....".

I found the same problem from

Is it the same problem?



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    Can you please tell us a bit more about your system?
    All we can see: it is likely a W10-Box.

    What Version, what F-Secure product, what version, latest Updates aso.



  • Hi,


    @~tW: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter
    @~t: 6.3.9600 N/A 9600
    @~tsy: Microsoft Corporation


     latest Updates have be done


    Does any information I have to provide?


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    What F-Secure product?

  • Server security Premium12.11
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    0) are all the 103-events on the same file?

    1) what happens if you try to copy the file query_loginpw.asp to a different folder, e.g. C:\TMP

    2) if that triggers the same event then turn off F-Secure and copy the file to c:\TMP

    3) if that still causes a problem then IIS is likely blocking access to that file.

    4) turn off IIS and F-Secure and copy the file.

    5) zip the file with Password "infected" (we might need it later)

    6) turn on F-Secure (and IIS) and do a manual scan on the file.


    report back here

  • Thank you for your reply, but I still wait my user  respond to me.

  • HadaryHadary Posts: 2

    Hi, I'm facing the same problem, what is exactly is that? is there a solution? 

  • HadaryHadary Posts: 2

    Hi, I'm facing the same problem, what exactly is that? is there a solution? 

    noting that we are using PM v.13 and CSP v.13

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    In order to better investigate this issue, could you open a support ticket including an fsdiag of the affected machines?


    Thanks in advance. 

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