SENSE allocates the same address to multiple devices

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I was investigating why son's phone wasn't able to communicate throught the SENSE, when I noticed that the SENSE had allocated the same IP address to another device. I rebooted the SENSE and suprisingly it allocated the same address again to exacly the same two devices again, although this time the address was naturally different. Here are screenshots  from the SENSE app after the boot which shows that the address has been allocated to both devices.

The unfortunate side effect was that the phone switched over to use the WWAN connection instead, using up my son's monthly quota for his subscription.


  • How big is your dhcp  pool on the network settings?

    Is it more than enough for all your connected devices?

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    I'm using the default setting of 150 addresses in the pool, and at the time there were maybe around 20 devices connected. 

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    I forgot to mention in my original post, that both (or actually all) my devices are connecting through the LAN port on the SENSE via another WLAN AP, none is using the SENSE's WiFi. The OnePlus mobile phone got a different address when I connected it to the SENSE's WiFi, which was the only way I could get it to work.  When I find the time, I'll check if the problem reproduces if I connect the OnePlus via the LAN port again.


    The other WLAN AP is a bridge,  and not allocating addresses via DHCP.

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    Thanks for reporting this,


    It's a bit unclear what is going on. It's possible that the WLAN AP you are using isn't always properly working as a pure bridge. it should just pass along those requests to our DHCP server. At least you should have a proper work-around by using the SENSE secure network directly (it is the recommended way)


    Can you let us know which WLAN AP are you using?

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    I'll try to get network dumps, so that you can see what is going on.


    The WLAN AP is a Zyxel SBG3600-N. I'm using that since it has better WLAN coverage than the SENSE. I also want to be able to dump data between the WLAN and the SENSE (for analytics and troubleshooting), which I can't if use the SENSE's WLAN. (I'd like to turn off the SENSE'S WLAN).

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