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how to set Client Security to update from F-secure servers only

Dear All,


i have a isolated office and it has a slow vpn link from the head office.i want to set client security to update from f-secure servers only not from the policy manager in the head office but thoses clients should be managed from the head office policy manger server.can it be done?can the client security be installed standalone?




  • etomcatetomcat Posts: 1,312



    I think what you really need is called "F-Secure Policy Manager Proxy 13.10" and its intended use is almost exactly the scenario you described.


    Please check this doc to see if it fits your situation:


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • asankaasanka Posts: 73



    Thanks for your reply.client doesn't have a server to install proxy.



  • etomcatetomcat Posts: 1,312



    > client doesn't have a server to install proxy


    Unofficially speaking, I think it would work fine on a workstation edition of Windows 7/8/10 64-bit, provided you run it on reasonable hardware (e.g. 4GB RAM, Core2 Quad or i3/i5 grade CPU and a fast, spacious disk storage). You would save a lot of bandwidth by using the PM Proxy.


    (By the way, even the "Policy Manager Server 13.10" can be installed fully on Win 7/8/10, it just notifies about the officially unsupported environment during the setup wizard.)


    Anyhow, the previous generation of "Policy Manager Proxy" product used to work on Windows workstation platforms officially. I don't know why F-Secure Corp. decided to declare only the "Server" editions of Windows as supported for the major version 13 of Policy Manager Proxy product? It's not a good vendor decision in my opinion.


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • MJ-perCompMJ-perComp Posts: 1,098

    I guess your VPN is as broad/slow as your Internet connection. So it does not matter if ONE client or a Proxy fetches the updates from F-Secure or from the PMS.

    In this situation I would recommend to enable Neigborcast on all clients in the reomote office. They will start to update internally on a P2P basis before asking the PMS and even then only one Client will ask the PMS and then share with the others.

    So your comunication load is similar without the need to implement a proxy.

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