F-Secure Client Security and KB4056892


we are using F-Secure Client Security 12.32 with our Windows 10 Pro (v. 1709). Today MS released the KB4056892 critical security Update  which fixes the Intel CPU Problem. 

MS told to ask the Antivirus manufacturer to ensure that there are noch compatibility problems. 

So - can in update? 


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  • Ben
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    We're currently testing all product/OS configurations to ensure full compatibility with the January 3rd 2018 Windows Update. Once we have concluded our testing, we will release a channel update that creates the ALLOW REGKEY detailed in KB4056892. This update will apply automatically and will not require any user interaction. Once our product update has been released, Windows updates should continue to apply as normal. We estimate that our product update will be pushed out tonight or early tomorrow.

  • Ben
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    An update has been published for Client Security 13, and Protection Service for Business Computer Protection. This update sets the registry key associated with Windows Update KB4056892.


    We estimate that fixes for legacy products will be published tomorrow.

  • Using Protection Service for Business Workstation v12 on mix of Win7 Pro - Win10 Pro PCs.

    In the PSB2 portal under Software Updates I do not see KB4056892 available - nor any other windows updates from Jan 2018. I looked under Win10 Pro x64, Win 7 Pro, etc.


    When will these updates be able to push from the portal?

  • Hi Ben


    Can you confirm what database and version have the updates?

    I have received these updates today:

    [ 8776]Thu Jan 04 00:24:54 2018(3): Installation of 'F-Secure Aquarius Update 2018-01-04_03' : Success
    [ 8776]Thu Jan 04 02:25:03 2018(3): Installation of 'F-Secure Aquarius Update 2018-01-04_04' : Success

    [ 8776]Thu Jan 04 04:25:02 2018(3): Installation of 'F-Secure Hydra Update 2018-01-04_01' : Success
    [ 8776]Thu Jan 04 04:25:20 2018(3): Installation of 'F-Secure Aquarius Update 2018-01-04_05' : Success
    [ 8776]Thu Jan 04 06:24:48 2018(3): Installation of 'F-Secure Aquarius Update 2018-01-04_06' : Success
    [ 8776]Thu Jan 04 09:24:50 2018(3): Installation of 'F-Secure Gemini Update 2018-01-04_01' : Success


    However, I do not see the correct registry key entry on my machine.


    Can you verify which version is the fixed one? Or do I need to restart my machine to have the registry entry take effect?



  • Zoltar
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    Hi Ben,


    I only have a small number of CS 13 clients, as most of my Clients are still CS 12.31, but I can see I now have the registry key on my CS13 systems:- HKEY\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\QualityCompat


    For my ignorance, why does this particular registry key need to be created by F-Secure?


    We have been "playing" on some test servers with some of the Microsoft patches just released for Windows 2008 & Windows 2012, & the patches seem to install find WITHOUT the registry key being present.


    So the fact the patches have seemed to install ok mean that although the patch has “worked”, could it be that the Anti-Virus software itself could then potentially cause issues?


    So when the registry key is there, the Anti-Virus software has also been patched to the right level before the MS patch goes on it, so it should then not cause any issues?





  • Hi TexasDefense,
    The update will not be released until it is confirmed compatible. Below is statement from Microsoft website :

    If you have not been offered the security update, you may be running incompatible anti-virus software and you should follow up with your software vendor.

    Microsoft has been working closely with anti-virus software partners to ensure all customers receive the January Windows security updates as soon as possible.

  • Hi,


    The update should be released under UltraLight update. Since it is a channel upgrade, it might take sometimes for it to be pushed to all the channels.

  • Hi Darth_Vader

    It's been several hours and I still do not see the update available to push onto my devices.


    I believe I should be able to go into the PSB portal -> Software Updates -> Windows 10 Pro (x64) and see it there, then select and install to all or selected computers.


    One of the main features that attracted us to Fsecure PSB was it's ability to manage windows updates.


    We cannot have this much of a delay with critical updates such as this. 

  • Apparently F-Secure Scanner Manager Update 2018-01-05_01 adds the required registry key. My product is PSB Workstation Security 12.01.
  • Ben
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    Hi JarkkoL

    Indeed the fix for the legacy products Client Security 12.xx, Protection Service for Business Workstation Security 12.01, Email and Server Security 12.xx and Protection Service for Business Email and Server Security 12.10 has been published to production channels this morning.


    Note that some older versions of the legacy clients will get the fix as well however, we always recommend you keep your anti-virus software in latest version.

  • Hi Ben

    Didn't know that PSB WksS 12.01 is considered as legacy product.... We have no plans yet to change to Computer Protection, since we only just have migrated from another product to this. Also last time i tried to install CP, i could not get it to work at all and afaik there is no way to migrate profiles in PSB portal yet.
  • Ben
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    We are aware of some problem with this patch in Software updater. We are investigating this with priority. 


  • PetriKuikka
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    Hi @TexasDefense


    All PSB portals are now up-to-date for the Software updater. To get the updates to show up quickly in PSB portal, you need to assign them "send full status update" operation.



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