KEY master password recovery image too large error

I have a printed master password recovery QR code that I have rescanned to .png image. KEY gives an error that recovery image (file?) is too large. That is probably due to the fact that I have scanned the image with too high resolution or have too big borders around the image. What is the correct pixel dimension size of the recovery QR-code image? Naturally it is easy to check from the original image the KEY produced, but I have secure deleted it after printing and can't do it myself and I would need the master password to generate a new image :)


Could someone that has an original image available quickly check the pixel size of the original image.




  • Ukko
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    Maybe it can be with different size. My picture from Android device with 800x892px;

    But I feel that your quote about "is too large" about file-size (kb/mb and so). Your .png-file with too large size (more than expected). My picture with 8kb size;


    Also I able to suggest next potential workaround (if not possible to 'tinified' your picture):

    - scan your printed QR-code with any of QR code scanners.

    Result can be with 'long' hash string;

    - copy this hash string and convert it to "QR-Code" with any of tools or web-services.

    Then save this QR-Code as .png-file. Expected that the size will be with enough view for F-Secure KEY.


    // then... when you log-in to F-Secure KEY. Good to re-change your masterpassphrase to fresh one. And re-create Recovery QR-Code for this fresh masterpassphrase. :)



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