Possible suggestion for Portal about displaying OS build numbers



I was thinking - would it be possible to also add the Windows build number to the 'Operating system' column in Computer information category? In the current era, where there are always multiple Win10 builds around, it would be big help for the IT-admins, determining which computers are on which builds and what needs to be upgraded and when (if they use Defer policies of course).


I made a mockup, on how it could ideally show, instead of just the basic Windows versions now:




I'm aware, I can see the build number, if I open the individual computers and also when exporting to csv.

But I think, that being able to quickly see all the information about builds, could be very handy tool in the Portal!




  • Sarika_DograSarika_Dogra Posts: 9 Former F-Secure Employee



    Thank you so much for the feedback.

    Indeed it is convinient to view the info in the listing. Will add it in one of our future portal releases.



    Sarika Dogra

  • Glad to hear, thanks!

    Looking forward to Portal updates then :) 

  • IQantumIQantum Posts: 2

    Any news on this topic?

    The full build numbers are very important for us to.

  • Sarika_DograSarika_Dogra Posts: 9 Former F-Secure Employee

    Thanks for the followup. This is now prioritized and should be available in one of the upcoming portal deployment(this month or early June)

  • IQantumIQantum Posts: 2

    Thanks in advance , that would make things much easier!

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