Takes a long time to connect Sony android tv to Sense network

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When I turn on my Sony android tv, it takes 1-2 minutes to connect to Sense wifi. No problems with Sense and other devices. No problems with tv and other networks. Any suggstions?


  • Well for me it takes long no matter which wifi. For me it just seems that the android bootup is slow until the wifi connects.

  • JeppisPate
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    The TV starts immediately when I press the button in the remote control and everything else works just fine, but it takes a couple of minutes before the TV connects to the Sense WiFi. When the TV is connected to a non-Sense wifi, it connects immediately. 

  • Seems that I remembered wrong.

    This clearly is an issue.


    Might be due that the android tv does some heavy tracking stuff, or at least mine has record of 55000+ since last Sense reset.

    I tested this out with protections disabled, didn't help.

    The tv connects to Sense wlan for like 30secs+ and for 5secs to my other wlan from my 4g mf286.

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    Hi, thanks for getting in touch.


    We have not observed any particular slowness in connecting to the SENSE WIFI unless the radio channel used is somehow congested. If it's only the TV that has this problem then it is not necessarily clear what is happening. You could try switching the WIFI channels that SENSE uses from the network settings view in the SENSE app and see if it makes a difference. You could also check if there are software updates available for your smart TV.


    Best Regards:

    Simo / SENSE QA Lead

  • Tried some different channel on 5ghz, didn't help.

    My wifis are only 5ghz wifis in the range of my phones wlan analyzer

    Closest  2.4ghz wifi is 120 meters far and it takes as long to connect 2,4ghz and 5ghz

    The android tv always has latest versions of apps and fw since it auto updates.

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    Good to know i am not the only one. Having some issues with Sony Android TV and Sense aswell. Both wireless and LAN Connecticut. Takes a couple of minutes to connect and sometimes several attempts. TV might also lose connection when watching Netflix or YouTube. All other devices Works great with Sense. Usually restarting Sense and TV Will fix this for a while...


    At the moment TV is connected to Sense with Wifi and My Cisco cable modem directly with LAN. If connection with Sense fails, still able to access Internet via Cisco.

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