Sense, Devolo Powerline / Dlan and dinrail

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Is there anyone arround, who can give me a hint, how to setup Sense with powerline (wifi) adaptors? 

Im using a Set of devolo 1200+ (one pure powerline ground floor , one wlan ap upstairs) with an additional dinrail injector in the fuse Box/cellar.

Cable Internet comes from cellar through a Fritz Box into dinrail. Then the adaptors in each floor connect to the net. 

ATM Sense is connected via wan Port to the LAN Port of ground floors Adapter. 

But.. The Fritz Box is still in the lead of giving ips and access to Internet for All powerline Devices (DHCP off) 

Devices connected directly to Sense (TV, stb,tablets ..) getting senses ips and access to net and are shown in the Devices section of the App. Powerline Devices not. 


How can i Route dlan Devices through Sense?

Actually Sense is like a appendix/blind gut.


I appreciate you hints.




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    Hi, I'm not familiar with these products and how they work exactly, but I would imagine you would have to put SENSE between your internet connection and the dinrail in order to make sure all devices behind that get IP's from SENSE and not from your fritzbox.


    If the powerline adaptors work as bridges, then any device behind them should be visible to SENSE normally.


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