DHCP server improvements/workarounds. - static IP and/or DHCP turn off.

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Short version:
1. When will the assigning of static IP's from sense DHCP be available?

2. When do you implement a feature to shut down Sense DHCP completely and allow us to use our own DHCP server when needed?

NB! The second point will not be so important if the first point is resolved.


Long version:

I'm currently tring to get Sense to work in my network.


I need some of my devices to  have static ip's in my LAN (PS! they dont support assigining static IP, so DHCP must do it.) I looked and it seems your DHCP does not support assigining static IP's yet. Also you dont support turning off your DHCP so I could use my own.


Currently I set the DHCP pool to 2 addresses and have 2 DHCP servers running in my network that is not a good solution.


Also static IPs are needed for port forwarding as your port forwarding is based on IP and not device so if the IP changes the rules dont work.


Please get back to me with a solution and timeline when these features will be available or how to solve my issues.


Thank you!




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    Static IP configurations are on our backlog of things to do and we have done preliminary work to enable that, but they may not make it this year. We are currently working on finalizing the guest network.


    Unfortunately turning off SENSE DHCP is not on our list at the moment, but we appreciate the feedback and the use case.

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    Do you have a solution for my use case until you manage to implement static IP's ?


    I dont want to just unplug the Sense from the network until you have managed to implement static IP's as the timeframe is not known.

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    How about extending the Sense DNS configuration options i.e. setting host/service records and lookup zones...auto registration from DHCP servers lease. This could be a work-around  for accssing the internal network’s servers and services. 

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    F-Secure Please, implement the fixed IP table into the DHCP server.

    2017 is gone since 7 weeks so I hope this feature is already really close to the top of the backlog.



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    I am with you on this.
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    -There's also an opportunity for other router manufacturers to utilize home security solution and more versatile router options

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