Client Security Premium 13 - Firewall slow Dameware connect in new version

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we use dameware mini remote control with the new version csp 13 the startup connect to a client takes 5-15 seconds longer.


After deactivating the client firewall the connect startup is fast.


In Version 12.3 the startup connect is fast.


Any Ideas?


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  • VadVad Posts: 1,069 F-Secure Employee

    Hello Steven,


    Please, contact support. We have a hotfix for CS 13.00 Firewall (FSFW1000-HF200), which may help to resolve your issue.

    If it will not help, we will need Firewall debug logs for investigation.


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  • macromacro Posts: 2

    Hi, can you share this hotfix FSFW1000-HF200? We are experiencing slow firewall (remote desktop timeouts) sometimes after the upgrade to FSCSP 13

  • RmBRmB Posts: 31


    I just got this hotfix. It's really annoying that F-Secure doesn't share these hotfixes to everyone. It's not easy to get them through support either. It took over 2 days to send this hotfix, which seems to fix at least 3 different problem with CS 13.00. Come on F-Secure share these hotfixes!

  • VadVad Posts: 1,069 F-Secure Employee

    Hello RmB,


    Sorry for inconvenience. Unfortunately, firewall hotfix FSFW1000-HF200 (it's actually the 3-rd version since CS 13.00 release) still doesn't sort out all Firewall related feedback we have currently. That is the reason why it's not yet published officially on the website.

    Please, note that Client Security 13.10 is coming soon. It will contain all the fixes.


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