BSoD after rollout of ClientSecurity 13 on several Windows Versions

I am evaluating F-Secure Policy manager and Client Security products at my companys environment.

Each time I rollout/push the Client Security Premium Client (13) to several of our machines (W10/1709, W7) they crash with a BlueScreenOfDeath "RDR_FILE_SYSTEM" / csc.sys /  0x0000027 and are unable to boot afterwards.


I remember reading about BSoD issues on 12.x versions together with Checkpoint Software products.

I am afraid there are still some incompatibilities in 13, because we have Checkpoint Software products installed (ie "SmartDashbord" etc for firewall management).


Any suggestions / ideas appreciated.



  • aimutch
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    I've been getting a BSOD on one system running Windows 7. I didn't catch the message on the blue screen but in the event log (system), "File System Filter 'F-Secure Gatekeeper'" is the last entry before the crash. 

  • Vad
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    Hello Berserker4711,


    We will need memory dump from affected machine for analysis. Please, contact support.

    I would also recommend you to contact Checkpoint Software support at the same time.


    Best regards,


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