False positive Report

Our App Diaro is being reported as "Potentially unwanted application" by F-Secure since couple of days, we are getting several reports from users.

What could be possibly wrong ? What can be done to fix it?


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    Possible to use F-Secure SAS:



    It will trigger re-analysis (re-rate) by F-Secure Labs. With your situation:


    - maybe possible to transfer .apk (as file); but if this is not an option (or if user's decision):

    can be enough to transfer URL to Google Play Market (your application) as URL (or under text-file) and with description about troublesituation;


    - I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions) and my words can be only as unofficial suggestion; I able to suspect that detection about PUA can be as generic-detection (or for something like advertisement-modules). But F-Secure Labs should be with abilities to provide proper information.

    As my own feelings -> good to note that possible to ask F-Secure Labs about 'not-a-temporary-solution' but about proper fix (if there is false-positive). Because can be whitelist/drop status only for current build-release and with next update -> detection can be with back status. Possible to avoid it.. but required to ask F-Secure Labs about such meanings (like if there is not a fully false positive detection).




    // by the way: there is available policy/article about their design for PUA:


    possible to re-check it. what if some parts applied to your application. if not -> so, good to note it (as addition) during talk with F-Secure Labs.

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    Number: xxxxxxxx
    Created: 2017-11-20
    Subject: Allegedly benign Android app is blocked as PUA by F-Secure FSAV and Mobile Security.
  • Thank you , i hope this gets resolved soon, we are getting loads of emails from users asking what is going on.

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