F-Secure KEY on MAC crashes all the time when you are in MS Office apps

Whenever I have an Office for MAC document open and I try to enter text, e.g. a formula in Excel or starting typing in Word, F-Secure KEY crashes.  I presume you are getting the crash reports, if not, had do I send one in.  There is clearly a bug somewhere.


Anyone else seeing this?




  • Näsäviisas
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    I was reading these similar cases concerning Key app. There was advice:
    Disabling the autofill option from settings.
    Could this help?
    Noticed you error message?
    What is in the crash report?
    I assume, that there is no such automatically crash reports sending function.
    Someone who knows better Key-application, could tell the final truth.
    I do understand, that Excel and Word are very important programs and I have used both very much. So, have you another computer = PC, including Windows.

    If someone has the same problem, please let us know, how to do.


  • I wondered about the autofill, although it is useful for web browsers.  However I will disable the "Enable System Autofill" and see if that helps.  Of course, I shouldn't need to do this, if there is a bug in the KEY program it should be fixed.  I am sure the developers could re-create it.


    It only happens on my Mac, it appears fine on Windows PC.

  • Näsäviisas
    Näsäviisas Posts: 786 Superuser

    Thanks for your reply Richard.

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