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I have f-secure offline installer but I want to silently install it in the background.. Not remotley and not needed for deployment. I am setting up an image and I want f-secure to be silently installed during this Windows image setup. Or at least now for testing..

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    For Computer Protection:

    installer.exe --silent --voucher "your voucher"


    For PSB workstation:

    installer.exe /SILENT /K:<keycode>


    does the trick on unattended installations. Just remember that Reboot dialog can appear even in the silent mode to gently prompt the user about reboot.


    Other command-line options:

    /LANG:<xxx> – installation language;

    /K:<keycode> – subscription keycode;

    /NOUPDATE – skip downloading updates on installation (typically concerns updatable sidegrade);

    /REBOOTDELAY:<sec> - countdown timer before reboot;

    /INSTALLPATH<path> - installation path instead %ProgramFiles(x86)%\F-Secure by default.


    Another feature of PSBWKS: the keycode can be embedded in the installer’s file name. For example: fspsbwks-[0123-RGBA-RCBA-4567-2DF4].exe



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