F-Secure Sense + Pi-hole, will it work?

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Hi guys, 


I´m looking into running a https://pi-hole.net/ at home, to have more controll and a solution that will provide me more data on what is going on in my network. Also to provide DNS logs


Anyone tested this with Sense? 


  • I had pi-hole with sense for awhile and it worked, but it was rpi1 so got tired of the slow gui etc.

    It is just a dns server so I do not really see how it would not work.

    You just may need to whitelist: *.f-secure.com

  • KennethN
    KennethN Posts: 47 Enthusiast

    Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 08.56.17.png


    I did set ip up yesterday, and this is the screenshot from after 12 hour use.


    I do have

    • 3 RaspBerry
    • 1 Synology NAS
    • 2 iPhone
    • 2 iPad
    • 2 Mac
    • 1 Windows 10 desktop
    • 1 Verisure Alarm
    • 1 Xbox
    • 1 Apple TV
    • 1 Samsung "Smarttv"
    • 1 Canon printer

    But 50k dns lookups in 12 hours?!? **bleep**...


    This is data that I want to know, and look at. I think F-Secure Sense might should present data better, because most users of Sense is tech guys, and want to know more. It does provide a tiny view of what have been blocked, and the name of the host, but I want more, MORE I tell you Smiley Wink


    So, now I´m looking into only use the Sense as AP for WiFi, even tho it does not cover 100% of my appartment (floor is 100 m2), but use my nas as DHCP and add Pi-Hole on my NAS for DNS lookup. 


    Sense do miss one importante thing, if you are selling for family, you should have some filter for contente, like OpenDNS and others do provide.



  • 50k is not that much really. :)

    Yeah I agree that more info should be available if wanted.

    The ui and stuff should be minimalist, but there should be some advanced settings or something even if you need to unlock them via some trick (repeated clicks or so).

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