How to update F-Secure Client Security Manually

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I have a client who has a secure location and he wants to  update client security there a way to update client security without downloading fsdbupdate daily.



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  • Rob-KRob-K Posts: 33
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    does secure mean without any network connection? If not and he has internal network connectivity - just install somewhere in your local network a Policy manager server. So for the client is no internet connection needed - only a connection to the policy manager



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  • asankaasanka Posts: 73

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    Thanks for your to update policy manager without downloading fsdbupdate daily.this place is a remote location without internet connection but headoffice has internet and policy there a way to copy difinition database to remote location?



  • Rob-KRob-K Posts: 33

    does there be a vpn connection from the location to the headoffice?


    if so then there is no problem. The server with the Policy Manager in the headoffice will fetch the pattern update automatically from F-Secure. The client in the remote office contacts the Policy Manager and gets the patterns. There is no need for an internet connection for the client - but it needs to reach the internal Policy Manager via LAN or VPN

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