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Please help explain the updates for Windows XP.
FSecure released the latest version of ClientSecurity 11.60 for Winodws XP

Now FSecure has issued a PolicyMangerServer 13.00 which has a new GUTS2 protocol

The Release Notes 13.00 describes "BackWeb distribution still remains for compatibility with 12.x series." This works only when 12.x clients connect to the server. "

  Will the BackWeb update work for FSCS11.xx clients with PolicyMangerServer13? I do not think so.

Will other features (application control, device control) also not be managed on Windows XP clients from version 13 server?

So that would mean that to manage Windows XP clients should leave the PM server version 12.x ?? And for Windows 7/8/10 use the newer PMS13 (if you want to use the new features)?

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    F-Secure's workstation protection major version 11.xx has been officially End-of-Life for more than half a year (10 Feb 2017). There is no warranty for the functionality of the product after that date. F-Secure Corp. communicated this clearly in advance, there were webpages and I have the corrsponding newsletters saved on my computer.


    BTW, FSAV 11 soon won't have any database update, because FSC is changing scan engine architecture, maybe by April 2018.


    The Windows XP platform is therefore no longer covered and if you are not willing to upgrade that OS to Win7 at least than you have to go to a competitor who still supports it. Competing AV however, have tyically higher CPU/RAM burden and most WinXP computers have old, weak hardware, so hiccup-free operation likely won't be possible. Maybe keep hoping that new malware don't work on WinXP any more?


    (If you have Windows 7 or higher, than F-Secure 12 and 13 will cover your protection needs.)


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.



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    Thanks for infromation. 

    But can i managed F-secure client security 11.xx on my PM in version 13 ?


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    Hello Tyczyn,


    PM 13.00 supports Client Security 11.x versions.


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    Hello Vad,


    Thank you for information.


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