Setting up Sense with a Synology NAS

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since quite a long time now I try to solve a specific problem:


I installed Sense at home and connected it via WiFi to my FritzBox. Behind the FritzBox, connected via LAN, my Synology NAS is installed, where – amongst other tasks – my TimeMachine-Backups are saved.


All this is done via portforwarding, this much is clear. But which ports do I have to open in the Sense app to get a connection to my NAS through Sense? And to which private IP do I have to open them? To the IP of my NAS? Or the IP of my FritzBox? None of the setups I tried so far was successfull. Neither was I able to connect to my NAS via AFP nor did my TimeMachine backund find the NAS. Has anyone done this yet and can help?


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  • If you don't connect the NAS to Sense, you need static routing not portfowarding.

    Static routing this way is only partially working currently since you cannot configure static routes on Sense.

    On fritzbox the static routing configuration is on Home network -> Network Settings -> IPv4 Routes.

    Configure a static route:

    Network: (sense)

    Subnet Mask: (sense)

    Gateway: (sense's ip on fritzbox)


  • Hi there!


    I've tried it this way, but unfortunately the volume (NAS) can't be found, despite static routing. Another way would be to plug the NAS directly to Sense, but in this case, it's not reachable via DynDNS ( So right now, it looks like you can't use Sense in combination with a Synology NAS in a daily use setting?




  • I also can't access my Syno when it is conneted to Sense,

    but I use QuickConnect because I rely heavily on mobile devices.


    What do I have to do to make it work this way? Is the route the only thing?

  • So the static routing did not fix it?


    I have synology nas which i use with sense but it's not connectable from outside/internet, so I don't experience your issues.If the static routing nor anything currently available doesn't fix it, then we just need to wait until F-Secure provides the necessary support.

  • Well if your nas is on different ip subnet than your other devices and they are connected to two different routers, you need static routing (or dynamic routing but that usually isn't available nor as secure).
    So for example: nas ip is and other devices are on
    You need static routing in order for devices to be able to reach each other. And it needs to be done on both routers.
    Sense does few static routes on its own, which you cannot modify, but on my first post is a probable fix for this issue
  • Hi there!


    Unfortunately not, static routing didn't change anything. :-/




  • It would probably only fix internal connections from sense network to the nas on fritz network. It won't fix the dyndns nor connection to nas from internet.

    So it did not fix that either?

  • Hi there,


    it didn't. So actually I only have two choices: Plug the NAS directly to the Sense, which makes it unreachable via DynDNS or plug it to my FritzBox, which makes it unreachable from my home network.




  • After you configure the static routing on fritz, can you access fritzbox management webpage,, from a device that is connected to sense network?

    Because i can and if you cannot, then you have configured it wrongly.


  • I Can. But nonetheless, TimeMachine doesn't find my NAS as a backup volume in the network. And in Finder, the Synology shows up under "Network", but the connection fails.

  • Yeps. The current configuration features are not enough.

    @FS_Simo any eta on this kind of configuration support? Static routing and dyndns or similar support?

  • FS_Simo
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    Unfortunately I don't have anything specific to offer yet on these features, but it's good that people keep asking for these and providing more use cases because it helps us decide on future prioritization.

  • Hi Simo,


    in my opinion, devices like NAS and backup systems belong to the most important gadgets in households today. Therefore it should be prioritized quite high to secure them and make sure, that they are still accessible behind a tool like Sense. But that's just my humble opinion. Smiley Wink




  • Yeah static routing or rather controllable routing between sense and other routers should have been a priority from the start, since Sense is a second router in many cases with double nat in place.

    And with routing you could use your old router for things that Sense is still missing.


    For example my pc is connected to the wan router since sense keeps disconnecting my internet connection while for example gaming.

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