CS 13 fails to install

Anyone having an issue installing 13? I have a test laptop. currently win7 64pro with 12.30 installed. It has the required KB2999226 installed. I downloaded the jar and imported it into PM13. exported as MSI. Installation results in a 1603 fatal error in the event log. tried the msi as a standalone (not exported from PM) and got the same results.  downloaded a fresh jar and used the ilaunchr utility to install. that results in an instant boot of the computer and no install. Downloaded 12.32 as a test and imported it tp PM13. exported MSI and installed it on same test laptop. that was successful. so I seem to be only having issues with CS13. anyone else seeing this?


  • Shade
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    I have the same problem, CS13 wont install but CS 12.32 can.


    I tried using the f-secure uninstallation tool, rebooted can tried agian with CS13 - then it "installs" or the installer finish, but CS13 main program are not installed.

  • Vad
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    Hello anvarij, Shade,


    Please, contact support. We will need diagnostic information from affected computer(s) for investigation.


    Best regards,


  • will do.

  • Shade
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    That was quick solved by support, I used a 12.xx only license key. With the new license key in hand, CS13 installed without any problems.


    A better error message in CS13 could be useful in a future update.

  • Thats probably my issue also. Yes I agree. An error in PM when I put the key in would have been nice instead of it blindly accepting the wrong key I provided.

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